A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dumbbell Set

 A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dumbbell Set ImageThe popular equipment among weight lifters and fitness trainer are dumbbells. Those who are wanting to achieve fitness only; this beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect dumbbell set is just the right kind of fitness aide for them. There are other equipments that are designed specially for intense weight training.

What Dumbbell Sets Are?

The composition of dumbbells in clued a dumbbell primarily with different weights to give the user various difficulty levels in weight training. To get great value for money, you must need to know a few things by following a buying guide if you are a beginner.

DO’s and DON’T’s of Purchasing a Dumbbell Set

  • Know the reason for buying dumbbell set

Different kinds of dumbbell sets are available in the market all designed specially for a particular fitness goal. Know whether your aim is to build muscle mass, general fitness or weight training

  • Do not consider a single factor only

If your aim is to get a low cost dumbbell set, do not neglect other factors and features that may compromise on quality and durability.

  • Do not consider a single review only

When looking for a make or model, consider more than one review and testimonials before you maker the final decision. See both the positive as well as the negative reviews. The source may be credible but you still need to get more opinions.

How to get started?


People often overlook other features and go for price alone. This is not a good approach as this way many other factors are neglected. Do not every compromise on quality, durability and flexibility apart from the price. Dumbbells are expensive equipments but they are relatively less cheap than the other fitness equipments. Cheap dumbbells cannot ensure quality. People who have regular fitness routines can get the cheap ones as they do not have to use the equipment very often.

For moderate weight training and for those individuals who want to do weight training at home, a set with 10 dumbbells can cost around $300 to $400. For high-end sets, there are options for weight lifters that range from $1000 to $1500.


Know why you need a particular set. See if it is regular fitness training or intensive weight training. There are equipments that start with 5 pounds and can go up to 550 pounds for professional weight training.

Dumbbells can be split into two categories, the adjustable ones and the fixed ones. The adjustable dumbbell sets come with a one main bar and several weight loads. Unscrew a load from the bar and add a heavier weight load if you want. These can save a lot of space as well.

The weight load is fixed in fixed dumbbells and the dumbbell cannot be taken apart. These types take up a lot of space. There are some people who want to display their bar with weights so this type is suitable for them.



This is an important part as the weight loads are hung here. These are usually made of iron and come in various finishes and colours. They come in different weight loads. The lowest weights are 1.45 lbs and these can range up to 45 lbs. 3-5 plates can be loaded on the on the adjustable dumbbells.


Handles with a circumference of 1 inch should be sought for. This is the standard hole size for the dumbbell plate. You can even replace these with new plates when you want. The plates will fit your current handle. Steel or chrome is the preferable material in handles and there are bar collars on each end. Handles with threaded ends are available now for safer workouts.


  • Never leave dumbbells outside if they are made of iron. These rust with sweat on your hands. Cover them to prevent moisture from sticking to dumbbells.
  • Clean with a cloth to remove dust, oil and sweat, Keep the dumbbell on a rack or inside a closet to avoid dust. They can be dangerous especially if you have children around the house so keep them away when not needed.


The “Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dumbbell Set” guide is helpful for you to compare and contrast features to make best use of dumbbells. Get affordable dumbbells but do not compromise on durability and flexibility and make sure it specifically serves your purpose and fitness goals. Get products with money-back guarantee and long term warranties. Search dedicatedly and make best use of this guide.